Amp Stands

Get your amplifier up and off the floor with an Amp Stand. Amplifier Stands provide a virtually vibration-free platform for your high-performance power amplifier, turntable, media player, monoblock amps, or other heavy gear at just the right height. It rests on solid steel spikes that virtually isolate the stand from vibrations.
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Securely Support Your Power Amp
Get your power amp up and off the floor with Amp Stands. It provides solid support for power amps, monoblock amps, and other heavy gear at just the right height.Most self-assembly racks aren’t very rigid. Thanks to the unique design of Amp Stands, it is extremely stable and strong in addition to being acoustically neutral.

Generously Sized Shelf
The Amp Stand’s shelf is 23.75″ wide, 18″ deep, and 0.625″-thick. The steel support columns are 3″ tall. The dense MDF shelf is wrapped in a special vinyl material in satin black, rosenut, or mocha finish that is very easy to clean and resists scratching, scuffing, and most liquids. The front and sides of the shelf are contoured for a streamlined look.

The Amp Stands support up to 72 lbs. The total height is 5.51″.

Open-Air Design is Best for Your Gear
The open-air design is best for your electronics. The design maximizes component ventilation and makes it easy to install or remove gear. The four steel support tubes feature scratch-resistant and resonance-resistant black sand powder coat paint.

Innovative Cone Point Feet and Spike Design
features innovatively designed cone point feet and spikes. The steel floor spikes go all the way through the cones and into the bottom shelf tubes for greater strength and better energy transfer from the rack into the floor. The tapered cones are made of a very durable polymer, which dampens vibrations between the steel floor spikes and the steel rack tubes.

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