Clearaudio Balance +


Phono Preamp/Headphone Amp

The elegantly designed Clearaudio Balance + has a headphone output on the front panel and a matching second chassis to house its external power supply.

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Clearaudio Balance + Phono Preamp/Headphone Amp

With its superior performance, the Clearaudio Balance + phonostage would not be out of place in any professional studio.

A precision tool for sound engineers which performs equally well as part of a domestic high-end system. The elegantly designed Balance + has a headphone output on the front panel and a matching second chassis to house its external power supply. Fitted with a high quality volume control the Clearaudio Balance + can also be directly connected to a power amplifier acting as a control preamp. The Balance + phonostage reproduces the entire range of audiophile recordings unaltered.

The Clearaudio Balance + is an extremely quiet, high-resolution phono stage capable of handling both moving coil and moving magnet phono cartridges. It can be run in fully balanced mode using the XLR input/output, or in true single-ended mode using the RCA input/output.

“Incredibly quiet and with full balanced ins and outs… breathtaking power and passion, without the need to turn the volume particularly high.” – Hi-Fi World

Optional Accu Plus Power Supply

Housed in a matching aluminum chassis, the Accu Plus is a sophisticated DC power supply upgrade designed exclusively for the Clearaudio Basic Plus and Balanced Plus phono stages. It provides these phono stages with pure, clean DC battery power which guarantees that no noise or distortion from the AC mains supply can pollute the delicate phono signal.

“Those seeking the last work in low noise and isolation, should also consider the Clearaudio Accu Plus, an outboard NiMH battery supply, as a worthy option.” – Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8.66 × 7.12 × 2.17 in
Power Supply

Standard & Accu Power Supply+, Standard Power Supply

Balance +

Amplification @ 1 kHz 44 dB (MM mode)
63 dB (MC mode)
Input impedance 47 kOhm / 220 pF / MM mode
510 Ohm / 220 pF / MC mode
MM / MC input switchable (on bottom panel)
RIAA delay time: 75 μs / 318 μs / 3180 μs
RIAA accuracy ± 0.1 dB
Distortion 0.001% (IEC A)
Signal to noise ratio 89 dB (MM Mode)
74 dB (MC Mode)
Channel separation > 92 dB (@ 1 kHz) / opposed channel hot-wired
Max. output voltage 10.5 V (@ 1 kHz)
Subsonic filter 20 Hz: –3 dB / Oct
Power supply ± 18 V DC (external power supply)
Output connections Unbalanced (RCA)
Balanced (XLR)
Power consumption Max. consumption: 6.6 Watt
Consumption in operation: 6.6 Watt
Off mode: 0.0 Watt (turned off at rear panel)
Total weight Approx. 1.8 Kg (Preamplifier)
Approx. 2.5 kg (Power supply)
Dimensions (W/D/H in inches) Preamp: 7.09 x 8.66 x 2.17
Power Supply: 7.09 x 7.28 x 2.17
Dimensions (W/D/H in mm) Preamp: 180 x 220 x 55
Power Supply: 180 x 185 x 55

Accu Power Supply +

POWER SUPPLY see phonostage power supply unit
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 2 x 18 volt battery backed
ACCUMULATORS CHARGE The innovative circuit design of the “ACCU+ Power Supply” realizes automatically that the accumulators need to be charged. This is to protect the NiMH-accumulators against total discharge.
DIMENSIONS (W/D/H in inches) 4.02 x 7.28 x 2.2
DIMENSIONS (W/D/H in mm) 102 x 185 x 56
WEIGHT Approx. 1.2 kg (approx. 1.7 kg with package)


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